In addition to the basic subjects, students additionally have other types of subjects aiming at developing various skills: music, drawing, singing, ceramics, chess, karate and dance. They can also participate in other physical activities (football, basketball, volleyball and table tennis).

The project “Dialogues” has been taking place in BGS for 2 years already, aiming at developing students’ thinking and analytical skills and forming the right system of values. Topics covered with different grades are: I-V Grades – Me and the Universe; VI – VII Grades – Love of Wisdom; VIII – IX Grades – National Identity; X – XI Grades – Modern Challenges. Lessons are fully interactive.

Throughout the academic year, students have educational outings and excursions, a two-week trip to mountain ski resorts and a month trip to England Summer Schools, all accompanied by school representatives.

The school provides teachers with internships and exchange programs with two leading schools in the UK – Sidcot and Leighton Park Schools.