School Mission

The mission of our school is to nurture thoughtful people who are active participants in the progressive society of the modern world.

School Values

Through a combined British and Georgian curriculum, professional teachers, an individual approach, and a focus on understanding, we provide students with the necessary intellectual foundation for critical thinking and their development as thinkers right from the first grade.

For us, the difference between knowledge and education is in understanding. Therefore, based on the British educational model, we have created a unique Georgian teaching system.

Understanding what is taught is the basis for developing multifaceted thinking, which allows a person to contribute to society and to constantly improve their own micro or macro world. Each component of our unique model of education serves just that: constant training of the mind to develop a new generation of theoretical, practical, creative, critical, productive, and reproductive thinkers.

We take joy in our work, and we believe that the school environment modeled by each of us serves as a good example for our students; it awakens and strengthens their sense of dignity and plays a crucial role in their personal and moral development.

Compassion guides our behavior. We take an individual approach to each child, parent, and co-worker, taking into account their needs and desires.

We take care of our identity. We believe that the future of Georgia depends on an understanding of our own identity and our self-determination – knowing who we are, where we’ve been, and where we want to go. We consciously learn from others and use this knowledge again to renew and refine our own country, our identity and, above all, our education system.

We value our sense of community. We see the success of each member of our team as the success of the team as a whole, and we see the goal of the team as the goal of each of its members. We face problems head-on and solve them together.