Renewed timetable for Senior & Senior high Students

Since March 16, school offers renewed weekly schedule to the students. The reason is to relieve stress caused by new living conditions, gradually by giving little bits of education, we intend to keep them attached to the normal learning rhythm.

From the very first week we started online lessons with our grade 10, 11 & 12 students, using Zoom online platform, this includes subjects for IGCSE and A Level students. The rest of the classes were sent online homework only for the first week. The teacher of specific subject gives homework to their classes in an online journal, defines the deadline for doing tasks. If a student does not send homework on time, he/she gets “1” point in the el-journal. The teacher corrects all papers individually, writes comments, indicates mistakes and marks each student’s progress in the journal.

From the second week all the classes were involved in online lessons. They have classes in main subjects and consequently their hourly education was increased. They do not have ordinary timing for lessons, e.g. instead of 45 minutes their lessons last for 1 or ½ hrs.

From week fifth, physical morning activities were delivered to junior students run by sport teacher Guranda Chichinadze, as well as weekly appointments with BGS psychologist – Mariam Shovnadze.

We are hopeful that our teachers` restless work will make a positive impact over our students’ well – being and lightens existed situation.