BGS offers

In addition to the basic subjects, students additionally have other types of subjects aiming at developing various skills: music, drawing, singing, ceramics, chess, karate and dance. They can also participate in other physical activities (football, basketball, volleyball and table tennis).

The project “Dialogues” has been taking place in BGS for 2 years already, aiming at developing students’ thinking and analytical skills and forming the right system of values. Topics covered with different grades are: I-V Grades – Me and the Universe; VI – VII Grades – Love of Wisdom; VIII – IX Grades – National Identity; X – XI Grades – Modern Challenges. Lessons are fully interactive.

Throughout the academic year, students have educational outings and excursions, a two-week trip to mountain ski resorts and a month trip to Summer Schools in England, Spain and Malta all accompanied by school representatives.

The school provides teachers with internships and exchange programs with two leading schools in the UK – Sidcot and Leighton Park Schools.