School Premisses

Though located in downtown Tbilisi, the school building is surrounded by a peaceful, secure, and healthy natural environment boarding a patch of wood. The whole of the neighbourhood area is known as ‘The Academic Town’ because there are many educational and scientific organizations all around. The two-storey redbrick school building with a loft and a lovely front garden, impresses the visitors by its British looks at the very first sight.

Our school is a non-for-profit organization, with the classes of 20 students, which is oriented solely on education. Preschool and elementary school stage, the , the school administration office, the security service, the dance studio, the first aid room, and the school canteen are located on the ground floor, whereas the basic and secondary school stages, as well as the staff-room, the science lab, computer room, the conference room,   are located on the first floor.

In the loft – the favourite place of all students – there is the school library, the assembly hall, and the art studio for painting and ceramics.

The school premise meets all the needs of the schooling process. The schoolyard consists of the yard, the universal stadium for ball-games and other events, the summer pavilion used for different activities, and the playground for the juniors.